Salad Dressings

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Hi Maki,

I've tried a couple (and seen several others) of Japanese-style salad dressings I've bought from a Japanese grocery store that is not conveniently reachable for me... I have to travel over an hour just to get there. Might you be coaxed into suggesting a few recipes for dressings like Wasabi dressing, Sesame Dressing, Shoyu dressing etc that can be made at home?

Thanks in advance
Bell ^_^

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Re: Salad Dressings

You might be reading my mind... stay tuned (on justhungry) :)


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Re: Salad Dressings

Oooo - sounds promising! I would love salad dressing recipes!


Re: Salad Dressings

This is the best dressing- it is deceptively simple, but has converted many non-salad eaters into salad lovers :)

grease the bowl (or bento) you are using with a crushed clove of garlic. Throw your greens into the container. If you are eating the salad immediately put the dressing below on it in the specified order. If not, put the dressing in a separate container.

two parts extra virgin olive oil, one part balsamic vinegar, one part apple cider vinegar, salt to taste.

I suggest throwing some sliced almonds, cranberries, and goat cheese on top.

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Re: Salad Dressings

I'm also looking forward to this new "Just Hungry" entry.

I invariably love the salad dressings in Japanese restaurants (both in the UK and Japan). There's usually a subtle but distinct difference to the Mediterranean oil and vinegar styles I've grown up with, and I've never really been able to work out how to duplicate them.

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Re: Salad Dressings

Hi Maki, I too can't wait for your entry on salad dressings. I've had a recent craving for Japanese-style salad dressings. Google came up with a Martha Stewart recipe which uses miso (she recommended using red miso) but am not too sure how authentic this is.

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