Rice-free bento

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Last test shown that I'm most probably allergic to rice. As to confirm it I run a no-rice-for-at-least-a-month diet. Gosh! I love rice!
Back to the point. While bentos I usually prepare for myself are ~250calories (5 meals a day diet), the lack of rice is not a problem. But the day after tomorrow I'm going on a journey and I'll eat my main meal on a train. I've raided a fridge and pantry and found:

-pasta, buckwheat
-veggies like tomato (normal and cherry ones), carrot, cucumber, lettuce, red radish -> fresh veggies are still quite expensive in here
-eggs, milk, mini mozarella balls
-cheese, ham

After last JustBento entry I thought about some salad paste but I'm not fond of cold pasta and on train I won't have a chance to warm it up.

Could you help me to build about 500-600calories bento with what I have in store? :)

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Re: Rice-free bento

I could only think of pasta salad...

How about frittata (sp?) with using pasta?
Just combine some cooked pasta with semi-cooked chopped veggies and beaten eggs, season and pan-fry them like normal frittatas, then to the oven. You could add cheese, but make sure you reduce the amount of seasoning because the cheese is quite salty. I've made this with instant noodles and weiners, and they taste good. It is also one of my sister's easy and no-fuss lunchbox menu. She has no access to microwaves, but this is her favourite ;) It would taste definitely taste good when warm..


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Re: Rice-free bento

I think that you may be able to just use buckwheat as a rice replacement.

But from what you listed, the thing that immediately comes to mind is a carbonara. When ever I am low on ingredients I make some for my husband's bento, with or without meat (which he loves). As far as the calories a small portion would probably be okay, depending on the pasta you use, with some vegetables on the side.

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Re: Rice-free bento

I'm not sure if "pasta, buckwheat" means you have pasta and buckwheat, or if it means you have buckwheat pasta! If it means you have buckwheat AND pasta, you could make something like this: http://www.thebirkettmills.com/recipes/pilaftomatoes_2003.htm (kasha is whole buckwheat I believe) using whatever veges you have. Or this: http://www.thebirkettmills.com/recipes/tabboulli_2003.htm sounds as though it would use a few of your available ingredients. And you could add a hard boiled egg and some cheese cubes and ham.

Or you could make a baked pasta thing with cheese and egg and tomatoes in it; it doesn't sound like nice bento food, but whenever I've made macaroni cheese I always end up picking at the leftovers in the fridge afterwards! Some cupcake sized pasta and cheese baked things (perhaps with ham layered in?) with some salad would be OK.



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Re: Rice-free bento

Going off of what you have in stock, but using things that you should be able to get easily:

- a potato based bento, such as oyaki, or potato salad plus something, Spanish tortilla and so on. I'm guessing potatoes are always available in Poland...
- anything bread based, from sandwiches and beyond
- make your own muffins?
- anything beany (though rice + beans is supposed to be better than straight beans)


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Re: Rice-free bento

Bread and potatoes imediatley spring to mind. Sandwiches, bagels, pitta bread and wraps can all taste good with a variety of fillings. Potato salad, potato cakes, and spanish omletes are also good choices. Couscous salad is also a good one, if your local shop sells couscous (then again if your not keen on cold pasta, mabye not).

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Re: Rice-free bento

I think i'm late but here it goes anyway!
Try this cold pasta salad: fusilli + fresh cheese + some fruit (i guess carrots or tomatoes will go too). I also add some cashews and it's so tasty!!!

You can eat it cold and it's yummy too. I usually make the dressing this way: 1 part of olive oil, 1/2 part of vinegar, a pinch of salt, half teaspoon of dijon mustard and black pepper to taste.


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Re: Rice-free bento

Thank all of you :)

I'm just back from the trip and it was the best weekend ever!
Despite everything I've ended with kind of pasta salad + a bit of caprese and it turned to be yummy decision :)

But as my rice-free diet continues I'll certainly use your advice :)

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Re: Rice-free bento

good! if you find another recipe post it!! :D

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