Ramen Noodles

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I have seen some neat bento using Ramen noodles as a background. Don't they dry out and get nasty? I would like to pack them and add some veggies to them for my son's bento in an attempt to get him to try new things. With halloween coming up, they would be great for making some "gross" bentos!


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Cold Noodles

I'd suggest trying them this way:

The noodles will dry out a little and get a bit clumpy. This can be minimised by mixing them well with salad ingredients before putting into a container.
If you have a leak resistant container of the right size, I would also suggest adding the dressing (or getting your son to) just before he's ready to eat it. He can then reseal the container, give it a thorough shake, and dress the noodles and salad ingredients that way.

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Re: Ramen Noodles

SissySue, for health reasons as well as taste reasons, I wouldn't recommend using ramen noodles in bentos - see this. In Japan, instant ramen is regarded as unhealthy junk food. That doesn't mean people don't eat it! But people eat potato chips, etc too. And ramen is best eaten piping hot anyway, so...if you're gonna have something unhealthy, might as well have it in the way it's the best ^_^


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Re: Ramen Noodles

go for the instant soba noodles

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