Question about Laptop Lunches

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Hi everyone!

I am considering getting a Laptop Lunches box, for an upcoming project. They do seem to be quite popular, and I don’t have this type of box in my collection. However, for me to order it and have it sent here, it’s going to cost like US $70 at the very least at the end of the day. So my questions are -

  • Is it worth it?
  • Do you / have you used it? Do you like it?
  • If you do use it, do you have any photos of it that you can point me to?
  • Do you want to see articles on Just Bento featuring it?

Thanks guys/gals!


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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

Hi Maki,

I don't own a laptop lunchbox, (I like the japanese styled better), but since recently they're available here in holland too. Maybe you can save on shipping, as it should be cheaper to ship within Europe than overseas.....

Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I got one for both my daughters 6 & 4. They both love them. My older daughter takes it every day to school in the case they sell with it. It has been great since it makes it easy for her to select different items for each box sandwich, fruit, veggie and carb. The water bottle fits right in there and a cheese stick fits in the silverware area for her. I find my kids eat more and they aren't so overwhelmed with a pile of reusable containers in a random lunch box. I love ours!

Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I ordered several of these a few years ago but found the quality to be poor. The interior boxes blister easily even when placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, and the exterior box did not hold up well at all and wouldn't close properly. The thermous containers are also not dishwasher safe at all. They are also very expensive for what they are. My opinion.

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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I send a laptop lunch with my 4 yo son to his preschool almost every day (for a little less than a year now). I have a few quibbles, but overall like it very much. I do put all the components on the top shelf of the dishwasher with no problem, though I read you don't have a dishwasher so not an issue for you! :)

On the plus side:
+ Good size for a preschooler (but I think it would work well for me too). I agree with jenny that it is less overwhelming for his age and it helps me provide more realistic portions. I realized that I used to send far too much food (pre-laptop lunchbox) and I couldn't tell what he had eaten and not eaten.
+ It is fun for him to use and has utensils just his size.
+ It has held up well over the course of the year, but I can see that it is not "lifetime" material.
+ I love that it is completely reusable. Even though I wash plastic baggies, they still eventually end up in the trash and this prevents that.
+ There is space in the carry case for drink (though sometimes I send a thermos and use the space for something else), cloth napkin, perhaps a very small cold pack, etc.

On the negative side:
- Only one compartment (of the four) has a lid and I sometimes want more than one or a lid on a compartment of a different size. If he does not completely replace the lid when he has finished eating (he is 4!), it will leak out of the exterior box to the carry case. Probably no solution for this until he gets a little older.
- I sometimes want to send a "convenience" food, like a container of jello or pudding or yogurt, but the laptop lunchbox isn't tall enough. I simply empty the container into one of the compartments, so this is not a big deal, and it does make me think twice about whether I really want to send it in his lunch.
- I think it would be nice if it came with compartments that you could mix and match, like the four they provide now, or one big one, or two medium-sized together, etc.


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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches
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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I'd like to know how many ml can they hold. It's probably my perception but they seem way too big to me! :)


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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I REALLY wanted to love the laptop lunchbox system...but unfortunately, don't.

I loved the idea of a reusable system, however I felt that the opening of the box was a bit tricky for little people and the 2 lids were difficult for them to get off the containers. I was not crazy about the water bottle and wish that where was more room for a coldpack to keep items fresher. The systems was on the pricey side. I also don't know if the plastics the box is made of contain BPA or not... so I am still in search of the ideal lunch container :)

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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I've looked at the Laptop Lunchbox several times in a store, and am amazed that it is marketed for a child's lunch. It looks too big even for an average woman! I have visions of kids heading to school with their LLs slung over their shoulders like little salarymen with their computers. Even though there are several lidded sections, the fact that it has to be carried on end means that food is going to shift. Personally, I don't like having to confine myself to the little sections; I prefer an open format so that I can design my own tight arrangement. More often than not I pack my two-tier Urara box (580 ml) that I bought at Daiso for $1.50. There is a tight lid on both tiers that keep food in place.

But, that being said, I understand that people packing lunches for picky eaters may have to contend with food touching, less sophisticated food preferences, and manual dexterity issues.

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Re: Question about Laptop Lunches

I get along just fine with an American style lunch box and Tupperware containers. I went to the site and frankly, I wouldn't buy it. Looks like a waste of money.

Edited to add:
Although I'm currently looking into more traditional Japanese bento boxes, and would appreciate some help finding a local retailer of them.


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