Pickles and use-by-date fears...

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Hey there,
I have a surplus of Korean Takuan-type pickles (I bought a big pack of beautiful sun-like slices) and was wondering how long one should keep them in the fridge? They're in a tupperware type thingy, but as there was no date on the packaging, I keep getting the fear - I have a bit of an obsession with use-by-dates, which my other half finds very odd. As they are preserved, I figured they could live in there for a while, but as I say...I got the fear now, and so keep using them in EVERY meal in my haste to get through 'em!

I also have some plump umeboshi and some umeboshi puree, neither of which have a date on (possibly because I put the puree box in the recycling. D'oh.) so yet again - how long are they good for in the fridge? It's only me who'll have them; the man isn't keen on them, sadly. :(

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Re: Pickles and use-by-date fears...

I would use up pickles as quickly as possible once you have opened the hermetically sealed packaging. If it gets moldy or starts smelling 'off', throw it out.

Umeboshi is ok for a long time, though they do deteriorate. If you have a large amount of it, you could free it in small portions, though freezing does break down the texture. Another way you can treat it is to cut up the umeboshi, shiso leaves and all, and dehydrate them over low heat in a pan, or in a low temp oven, until the bits turn dry and shriveled. You can use the bits in ochazuke, as furikake, and so on.


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Re: Pickles and use-by-date fears...

I really like the idea of drying out the umeboshi, thanks Maki! I do have quite a few still, so I think that would be a nice idea, especially as furikake.

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