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Hello Maki :D I love your website and your posts have been helpful and entertaining.

I was wondering if you could suggest, is there any substitute for nori sheet? because I don't eat nori/ seaweed. The main use is for making cute face using onigiri punches.

Thank you

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Re: Nori sheet

"I hate nori…alternative wrappers? A popular wrapper is salted fresh shiso leaves. (I must confess that when I was a kid, I hated nori! But now as an adult I love it, so it is quite possibly an acquired taste.) Other wrappers include tororo kombu (a thin, salty form of kombu seaweed) and usuyaki tamago (thin omelettes). "

And there are Yamamotoyama Soy Wrappers introduced here:
and used in this guest post:

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Re: Nori sheet

H MT, the substitutes that Loretta suggested are great, but for using as decoration, there is really no good subtitute for nori. Nori is dry and easy to cut, rather like very thin handmade paper. You can try cutting out the soy sheets or even things like cold cuts (ham or dried beef etc.) or thinly sliced cheese and so on. Keep in mind that you can barely taste tiny bits of nori used as cutouts, if the flavor is what you object to.


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