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I thought I'd make a posting here so that we few Kiwis can exchange shopping hints.

I have just bought a 700 ml microwavable thermal lunch container from Kathmandu. It was 30% off, down to $12.50. Here it is with its lid off and sitting beside it.


The 700 ml refers to the volume without the divided insert, I calculate that each side of that holds about 300ml. I think it'd be good for making yoghurt too; hopefully I can find a suitable non-divided insert.

I also found, in Spotlight, wide fluoro elastic in orange, green, and pink. Would be fine for making bento belts if you want fluoro ones!

The only other places I know where you can get bento supplies are the Japanese shops near the Council Chambers in Queen St in Auckland.



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Re: New Zealand supplies

I just found a seller on TradeMe that has Bento Boxes and accessories. She has the Lube Sheep Brand which I've seen on Ebay. I ordered 2 bento boxes, a strap and two chopstick cases. The prices are reasonable compared to what it would cost with the current conversion rate and shipping if you buy them on ebay or from J-Box. Of course if I could afford it, I would love to have some of the really cool stuff from sellers in Japan. My total came to $36.50 NZD including shipping. I'll let you know how the quality is when it arrives. Should have them in a few days. The sellers id is "flatfrog".

Update: The boxes arrived. I'm very satisfied with the quality of both. One's made in Japan and the other made in China. I'm always sceptical of things that are made in China but I cant really see any difference in the two. I just bought another bento box and strap from her.

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Re: New Zealand supplies

Yes, I have two boxes from flatfrog as well, she's very good.

I have just bought a thermos container from The Warehouse for my husband, but it doesn't have a divider. It was about $7 I think. I'm always keeping my eye out in Spotlight and other places like that too. I'm hoping that work might send me up to Auckland for training sometime this year so I can get to $3 Japan again, that's where I got most of my stuff, except for the boxes that were brought back for me from Japan. We're also hoping to go to Japan at the end of next year, so you can be sure I'll be saving room in my bag for bento supplies!


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