Need help with my bento for my family....

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I'm new to making a bento... I need some friendly non veggie recipes for my family. I think the only veggies they will eat are rice, potatos, and carrots. They will also eat fried rice and egg's and I know they like viena sausage. If the onion is cut up finely they don't mind it. I'm sorry my family is really picky... trying to teach my 2 year old not to be that picky but with a dad and uncle like he's got I don't know what's going to happen.

Also I saw on this one website onigiri rice balls that had jam or jelly in the middle, does anyone have a recipe for that? I was really wanting to try that out and maybe some other fillings? I live in southren California so some of the traditional ingredients are hard to come by but I think I can find a Japanese specialty store some where around here.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!!!


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Re: Need help with my bento for my family....

Well it sounds like you have a good idea of what they will eat, why not start with that. Pick a carb like plain rice, fried rice, onigiri, bread or pasta. Then I usually take my cues from my carb and decide what protein and vegetables I want to include. Say I am making fried rice, I usually include some egg and some edamame for protein and some green onion for flavor. And from there I fill the rest of the bento with vegetables. For my husband I put some meat in as a treat.

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