microwave rice cooker?

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hi everyone, i'm new here and i'm just getting started in making bento boxes for myself. i'm looking for a faster way to make the rice for my lunches so i looked into the microwaveable rice cooker that i found online. does anyone have ones of these? do theses work good?

this is the one i'm interested in (:



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Re: microwave rice cooker?

The rice won't cook any faster in a microwave cooker. A microwave rice cooker is just a fancy measuring cup with a lid.



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Re: microwave rice cooker?

I think one of this would be pretty fast; race ya (^-^).

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Re: microwave rice cooker?

I agree with Balifly.

I think a regular rice cooker would be your best bet, dear :)
I plan on getting one very shortly. It'll make it easier.



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Re: microwave rice cooker?

I grew up with a mother who made rice every night in a specific heavy pot on a gas stove. It all seemed very precise and a little scarey. When the one-button rice cooker came into the picture it was like magic: perfect rice every time. Now I have a fancier model with all kinds of settings, but the one feature that I absolutely love is the timer. I wash and set the rice for dinner time and it is ready when we are. No worries. (Side note: I often set oatmeal in it before I go to bed and awake to hot cooked cereal in the a.m.)

Over the years I've tried several different microwave rice cookers. Until I tried Maki's Sticky Rice recipe in the microwave, I never had any luck. But that method needed too much attention and the next time I will make it in the rice cooker.

Littlepoko, I'd say your best bet would be to buy a rice cooker and every week or two make as much as you can in it. Then freeze in portions as per Maki's instructions. Or if that is too much effort, you can buy Shirakiku's pre-made, microwaveable rice. It comes in individual portions, three to a pack. I've bought it at Japanese food stores for about $4.50, but Amazon also sells it, http://www.amazon.com/Shirakiku-Instant-Cooked-Rice-Pk/dp/B000643THQ

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