Master Cook 9?

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I find it useful for keeping track of recipies I like and for nutritional analysises, it also has a function that allows you to keep track of what you need to buy and how much it would cost. I think It's quite an old programe, but It still seems to do everything I want it too, and I should imagine it's even more useful for a person who does the shopping. Does anyone else have it, or a similar programe?

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Re: Master Cook 9?

hmmm, never heard of the program before. Is if freeware/shareware (or crackable XD)? I wouldn't mind trying it.


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Re: Master Cook 9?

I have MasterCook not sure if it's version 9 or not. But I use it alot when I'm searching online. I like that fact that I can open MasterCook in my browser and load any recipe I find with just a few clicks. I'm trying to cut down on printing so many recipes; way too much paper!

I created a BentoBox cookbook and recipes that I think will work well in bentos go into that cookbook. Also, when I try a recipe in a bento and it's successful (my daughter likes it) I put it into that cookbook as well. Then when I want to make it again, I just open MasterCook, BentoBox cookbook and the recipes are easily accessible.

And it's not freeware but not very expensive either. If I recall it's under $15 and can be found at local bookstores (Barnes & Noble) and online (, etc.).

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Re: Master Cook 9?

I have CalorieKing. It comes in Mac as well as PC. Not very expensive, and there is an Australian version, so I can get the nutritional analyses of food I can actually buy in the shops. It has exercise stuff as well, for calorie subtraction.

It also has an add-on recipe book thingy, which I do have but don't use, I keep my recipes in Cookware Deluxe.



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