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Hi! Have any of you ever been to Kam Man foods? No well I could probably describe the whole store in this post. First floor: Daifuku, Pocky, and almost any other sweet imaginable. Basement: Dum Dum Dum OVERPRICED BENTOS!!!NOOOOO!! I was told that they were in the $3-$8 range, wrong $30 for a very simple, very small, two-tiered bento box! Though that was the one with the purtey Sakura Blossoms. So I was forced to buy the $3 clear bento sigh oh well a bento is a bento i guess… Anyway I did like Kam Man Foods for their condiments and presses and things of the sort. I held off on a pretty Furoshiki cloth only because it was around the $17 dollar range which isn’t totally bad… If you ever go to chinatown do stop in though don’t get your hopes up for bentos… and can somebody PLEASE tell me how to use an egg mold. I can’t read the package. Kam Man Foods: 200 Canal street Chinatown New York NY


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Re: Kam Man Foods Chinatown NY

Now that's funny because the bento gear they have in their Quincy MA store (just south of Boston) is really inexpensive ($2 for the blue or red Lube Sheep box with polka dots). They also just re-merchandised the entire bento section and they have a lot more matching accessories and tools. I was just here this past weekend.


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Re: Kam Man Foods Chinatown NY
thebiganimefan wrote:

and can somebody PLEASE tell me how to use an egg mold. I can't read the package.

Maki to the rescue

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