I need a dictionary :)

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Hello All,
I am new to bentoing & my exposure to Japanese culture has been limited. So as I read many of your posts I am left scratching my head thinking What the heck is that?

I am picking things up slowly Like:

Furikakie is a seaweed & sesame seed based seasoning for on rice
Nori is Seaweed dried into thin sheets used for decoration and wrapping sushi
Gyoza are steamed dumplings

is there a book with stuff like this explained or a section here on the forum already & I missed it? Or do I just need to pipe up more often?


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Re: I need a dictionary :)

I don't know if there is any dictionary... but I'm sure no one here would mind explaining what you need to know so feel free to ask! :)


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Re: I need a dictionary :)

And Google is very helpful. If you type into a search "define:" without the quotes, then the word you are puzzled about, you should be depuzzled fairly shortly. So if you are puzzled about furikake you would type:
define: furikake
into the Google search.

And Google returns:

Definitions of furikake on the Web:

* Furikake (振り掛け or ふりかけ) is any dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. ...

* Japanese flavoring agent of roasted seaweed, salt, sesame seeds and other ingredients, often sprinkled atop rice

Find definitions of furikake in: English French German Spanish all languages



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Re: I need a dictionary :)

Never hesitate to ask if you are puzzled about some term! :) Also, there's more than 5 years worth of information on both justbento.com and justhungry.com, so use the Search box in the top right of the page. Chances are your answers are already here, if it's about Japanese food terminology.


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Re: I need a dictionary :)

Wikipedia has helped me out a lot with stuff like that! Mostly because they have pictures too

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Re: I need a dictionary :)

Yea something like a BENTO DICTIONARY might be a great help indeed!
Nice post TiaLD77...


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Re: I need a dictionary :)

lol, I know what you mean.

I swear I'm introduced to a new food every time I go on here lol.
So, Google is now my best friend :D

I just Google it, and find out what it is.
I also like looking it up on YouTube. I find it's much more easy if I see it in front of me, being prepared and all.

Hope this helps


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