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Awkward introduction is awkward!

I used to be a student but now I just work part-time. I'm looking forward to the bento challenge for a number of reasons, but mostly because I recently realized that although I started bento making over a year ago, I've actually only made 19 of them ?! but I think part of the problem is that I'm not motivated to cook dinner most nights, so I rarely end up with bento-suited leftovers since dinner usually ends up as fast food. Been trying to think of a way to fix that problem, so suggestions are welcome :))

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Re: Hi ?

Greetings, ibii!

I think the best tip that got me into making bento in the first place was Maki's article on Just Bento about how to freeze rice. That would give me the base of the bento, and all I had to do was find a bit of veg and protein to go with it. I also hit the supermarket deli on the way home - leftover rotisserie chicken is still good cold the next day. And it's easy to stirfry with a bit of sauce...


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Re: Hi ?

I already freeze my rice actually, it's coming up with the other components that I have more of a problem with, especially the protein part of it. I could probably make a bento without making dinner everyday, but then it will only ever consist of eggs, rice, and broccoli ! ;_; crycry Your mention of the deli counter reminds me that checking out the frozen foods section might be good though, so thanks ! :D

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Re: Hi ?

you can also check the meat section...Tyson makes good pre-cooked grilled chicken breast strips..I use those because i don't have time to cook during the week with my class/work schedule

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