Help!! no english instructions

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I'm not sure if I ma posting this in the right place but please move it if I have put it in the wrong section.

When I bought my first bento and sushi mat from Japan Centre the other day I also bought some of this ramen noodle soup because it was on sale.

Now although there are basic pictures on the back all the cooking instructions are in japanese and I don't know how much water to use. Has anyone had these before? Do you know how to make them and could you let me know?


Yours, being really dumb
Rachael :p

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Re: Help!! no english instructions

They are pretty well all the same, use 400ml of water.
Boil water, immerse noodle in boiling water, reduce heat to medium or less.
Sprinkle the soup base in the liquid, stir not shaken :)
Add veggies and or COOKED meat, continue cooking for two to three minutes.
I like to add a raw egg in the last couple minute.
Put a lid on the pot for the last couple minutes to cook the egg yolk.

Hope it works for you.


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Re: Help!! no english instructions

What Balifly said. :) Although I do cook the noodles in a bit more water. I use some of the cooking water for the soup, pouring it into the bowl, and mixing in the soup powder or liquid or whatever. Then I add the cooked noodles and whatever else. The amount of time you cook the noodles depends on the type, but it's usually around 2-3 minutes after coming to a boil.


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