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hello everyone-

i'm trying to buy my first "pretty" bento box, and i'd like to do it right so i don't eventually end up with a giant pile of rejects. :) unfortunately, the internets and my location are conspiring against me - there aren't any stores here that sell bento boxes, and all the sellers on amazon have sizes listed in cubic inches. most of the ones i like are 2-tiered by kotobuki or hakoya, and they all seem to be around 5"x4"x3". sooo...if any of you out there have a box that even kinda matches that description, could you pretty please tell me how many mL it holds?


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Re: help with capacity

amerrychase (cute nickname btw!) it would help if you posted links to the boxes you're talking about, since nowadays quite a lot of bento boxes are sold on Amazon.


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Re: help with capacity

I hope it`s okay to post this here; I was going to start a new post, but I see that member regestration is closed for the moment.

I am currently in Tokyo and looking to buy a bento box. The one I currently have is fine, but from Daiso and I would like to buy a better quality one.

My issue is to do with size. I currently have this which suits me fine, but I don`t know what the capacity is. I have clapped my eye on this one, but it`s probably too big I asked the girl in the shop and she said it was probably a bit big for a teenage girl, but then again most teenagers in Japan wouldn`t be as tall as I am. I am 5`7, 19, and not looking to loose weight.

I would love to get some of the Meiji ones listed on this site but can`t actually find any! I`ve been to Tokyu Hands, Loft, various 100yen shops, and no sign of them.

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Re: help with capacity

First off, registration is not closed - it's just approved on a manual basis - see this post.

For any bento box that you own already, the way to measure the capacity is to fill it with water, and then empty out the water into a measuring cup. That tells you the capacity in mililiters. Many bento sellers (such as Bento and co as well as Japanese online sellers indicate the capacity in ml in the listings. This post and the ones linked below it have more info too. HTH!

Re: help with capacity

I found a very nice converter for all kinds of measurements, as I have also had problems with sellers not listing ml, and only listing dimensions. It can convert all sorts of dimensions into volume, but you need total cubic inches or cm, so a formula is needed to determine total cubic inches of a 3 dimensional rectangle. If the box is rounded, it will be slightly approximate, but close enough, usually. Onigiri cases are a bit harder to measure this way...

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