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Hello everyone! I am Courtney and am an expat living/working in London for now. I am 41 and am primarily vegetarian though I do eat seafood occasionally. I asked for (and received!) a bento box for Christmas so I am very new to this. My reasons for bento-ing are:

portion control ~ to help lose a few pounds.
health ~ the canteen at work has no concept of healthy eating besides offering fruit.
fun ~ I like the idea of trying to come up with a cool lunch.

One of my challenges will be to come up with meals that do not require microwaving since I feel strongly about not using them. I do have a small wide mouth thermos for soups etc, but basically I will just try to get by on a refrigerated lunch. Another challenge is that I am a mediocre to terrible cook. I am learning, but I really need a lot of help from others at this point!

Can't wait to see how this challenge goes and am looking forward to being inspired by all of you!

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Re: Hello from London

A fellow Londoner here and I'm also completely new to bento so good luck! I take it you'll also be embarking upon the 5 week challenge too? At 5 meals a week for 5 weeks makes 25 in all. Crikey, I hope I can do it!

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Re: Hello from London

I'm a londoner as well, though I'm an icelander going to school here. I started school here last fall and had been meaning to take bento with me to school everyday. However I'm really not a morning person and gave up after a few times. School starts again for me on monday so this bento challenge is perfect for me! :D

Also, I don't have any objections against microwaves, but we don't have any at school, so all my food has to be eatable at room temperature.

I have my bento plan for the next week, hope I can stick to it!

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Re: Hello from London

Hello, I'm not in London, but not far away in Essex.

I have pretty much the same goals as you and am only a little bit more bento-experienced so we can be in the newbie corner together!

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Re: Hello from London

Hello UK folk! :)

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