Hello from just outside Boston!

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My name is Margo. I have been avidly reading this site as well as a couple other bento sites. I have made bentos unknowingly for a while, and wanted to learn more things I could do for lunches.

I currently have a fit and fresh lunch on the go kit that I use, and just ordered a set of lock & locks to expand my bento containers (curse you amazon for being out of stock and won't deliver until early may!).

Since I am unemployed (yay) and working on things mostly from home, I don't make lunch as much as I used to. I have mostly been experimenting with recipes and learning how to prepare things for when I do get to make myself lunches again.

On the exciting side - I am a tupperware consultant, and have access to the best little tupperware things in the world: smidgets! Only consultants can get them, and sadly enough - they were the reason I became a consultant because I love them for bento use.

If you are not familiar with smidgets, click below for a picture:
(also pictured there are midgets, the larger container types, the size of a shot glass)

I use the smidgets for almost everything - perfect size for some wasabi. Also, I have sometimes used them for my vitamins so that I don't forget to take them with my meal! They make my bentos so much easier, because I can't find enough sturdy airtight containers to hold liquids and such.

So yeah, hello!

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Re: Hello from just outside Boston!

Hi there, welcome to Just Bento.



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Re: Hello from just outside Boston!

Hello Margo,

Welcome to the land of innovative Japanese box lunches!!!

Are midget and smidget new on the market, they would be very handy for storing and

organizing small items.

My wife would be happy to get some for her collection of garden seeds and dried herbs.

BTW, I drive a Forester X, 5 speed.



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Re: Hello from just outside Boston!

Everyone that I know that has a Forester loves it. I hope you like yours! I drive an older LX coupe, but she is fun.

Midgets are available through consultants and ordering online, but the smidgets are only available through consultants. I buy tons of them because whenever I meet anyone with bentos they end up buying some for themselves.

I responded to your email. :)

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