Hello everyone!

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Hi there! I'm Zora, from Tennessee. I've been bento-ing for my husband and myself for about, hmm, almost 3 years now... I originally started making bento after our honeymoon in Tokyo; we have always loved Japanese food, and after seeing all the different bento in restaurants, department-store food floors, cookbooks, etc. on our trip, I bought a couple basic boxes so I could give it a try.... and well, I got hooked! :)

I used to take photos of our bento everyday and post in a Livejournal bento group, but quit about a year ago due to laziness and a desire to sleep a few more minutes each morning. My bento-style is just "food packed into a box" as attractively as possible within my time constraints (I actually get up and cook our bento foods in the morning before we go to work, unless I have leftovers to use), but with the help of a rice cooker with a timer function and lots of Maki's tips on JustBento I've been able to cut my 2-bento prep time down to about 30 minutes. I'd really like to get a better freezer stash set up so that I can be even faster! :)

My goal is to make my bento healthier; I used to do well with that, but recently I've been putting too much junk in there! Oh, and smaller portions too. My husband and I have both put on a few extra pounds over the past couple of months so I'm hoping this will help get us back on track.


my daily bento

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Re: Hello everyone!

Hi Zora! Looks like you've got some great goals tied to the challenge. Best of luck! ^___^

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Re: Hello everyone!

Hi Zora. I'm interested in the ways you've saved time. I, too, need to save some time in the morning without giving up the quality of my lunches.

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Re: Hello everyone!

Hi Kath!
The thing that helps me the most is trying to prep as much as possible the night before... not having to chop up 5 different vege for a stirfry at the crack of dawn really saves time! :) It doesn't always happen, though, but I think that if I planned out my bento for the week (I'm going to try using Maki's planner) I could also plan what I would prep in advance too.
And of course, if I'm cooking a bento-friendly dinner, I try to make enough to have leftovers to use.
I also keep a list of quick-to-make bento foods that I can whip up with things I usually have on hand, so if I stumble into the kitchen at 6 am without a plan I can usually still make a decent bento.
Also, if you make rice often, the rice cooker with a timer is awesome. It's probably my most-used kitchen appliance and such a timesaver.

Hmm... what would REALLY help me save time is if I could get my husband to do the bento box washing-up. Yeah, still working on that one.

Hope this helps! :)

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