Happy New Year! Also some forum news

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First of all, Happy New Year to all bentoists! 2010 is the year of the tiger. (I know, the Chinese or Lunar New Year starts in February, but in Japan the official year goes by the Gregorian calendar, so it’s already the Year of the Tiger (Tora in Japanese). Roar!

Now I have some bad news about the forum and site registrations. It seems there was some sort of problem on the backend so that I did not get notifications of new people signing up (registering) for a few weeks. If you registered in November-December, and you didn’t get your welcome message, please either re-register, using the link here, or shoot me an email with your preferred username (do not use your real name or your email address as your username) to thechef at justhungry (dot) com. I am really sorry about this! Please note that you need to register only if you want to start topics in the forum. You can still comment to topics on the forum, or to posts on the main site, even if you are not registered, though you will need to wait for the comment to be approved by a moderator.

I do most of the background server stuff myself still, and while I have kept up with all security updates I am sorely behind on a lot of needed maintenance. Hopefully I can sort it out in the new few weeks or so.


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Re: Happy New Year! Also some forum news

Happy new year for you and you Familly, Maki!

Re: Happy New Year! Also some forum news

Happy New Year to you too! Hope you've had a great start so far :)
I've emailed you re: registration problems.

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Re: Happy New Year! Also some forum news

Happy New Year to Maki and all!

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