Hagi no Tsuki - perhaps a post/recipe for them?

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I was on another forum, one that shall Not Be Named, when I saw someone request a recipe for hagi no tsuki. I of course hit up the Google Image Search, and found a few lovely pictures, and thought, "Maki's probably done a post or two about these!"

So of course, I did a search, and came up with goose eggs.

What's also surprising is that searching online for a recipe came up with another few goose eggs, so I'm set for custard making, but not the cake itself. Any chance we could see a special about these delightful little desserts?

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Re: Hagi no Tsuki - perhaps a post/recipe for them?


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Re: Hagi no Tsuki - perhaps a post/recipe for them?

My favourite Regional confectionary are the seagull eggs (kamome no tamago かもめの玉子)
I suspect these are rather more difficult to make than the already challenging Hagi no tsuki (clover* moon) gift cakes from Sendai.

*I think the clover refers to this flower http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lespedeza which has symbolic significance for Sendai and the Miyagi area. Not sure if there is a goose egg connection to Hagi no tsuki cakes.

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