Greetings from Poland

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Hi everyone!

It's my first post here and it'll be short since I should be revising for tomorrow vocab test :P

Hmm... I live in Poland and here I study English language. We have lectures twice a week and on Wednesday he had quite a break for some lunch or - how we call it here - second breakfast. I used to eat french fries with my friend + some juice. But the prices in our canteen are higher and higher and it was not so healthy so I decided to start making obentos - I'm anime lovers, that's how I learned about them.

While searching for some recipes and general clues I found this blog :P And I liked it.

Last Wednesday I made my first bento. Well, not really well-planned (some rice + 1 egg tamagoyaki + a tomato) but it was a nice start. And people from my group were looking like "WTF these are chopsticks? And rice? How the hell you can eat rice with chopsticks?" :D

And just a moment ago I prepared my first onigiri ever :)

Yoshi, now it's really time for me to do some revise. See you :)

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Re: Greetings from Poland

Hi. Good luck with the vocab test. You might find that this forum will help with your English language as well as your Japanese meals! Feel free to ask if you have questions anyway - we are all around the world, so at least one English speaker should be available most of the time.



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