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I know what furikake has in it but what are you supposed to do with it? I've been using it for years to season rice but have no idea if that's what it's for.

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Re: Furikake

It's used to season rice like you said. Sprinkle it on, mix it in or put it in the middle of a rice ball if you like, however you like it.

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Re: Furikake

You could also mix it with sliced cucumber for a refreshing side dish. And sprinkled on spam musubi before your wrap the nori adds a nice zing -- especially if you use the wasabi furikake.

Re: Furikake

If you have the ume style of furikake, you can sprinkle it on tofu before pressing it with paper. It "marinades" the tofu and tastes wonderful!

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Re: Furikake

Wow - thank you, Mon 1. I just noticed recipes for furikake are oftn mentioned but rarely what to do with it.
Folly - great idea - I frequently mix diced cucumber with diced avocado and shredded carrot and use a dressing made from mirin, soy sauce, rice vinegar and sugar - I'm going to mix in one of the furikake mixtures next time and see how it tastes. I'll bet the wasabi furikake would be good with shrimp too!
Addi - wonderful advice for seasoning tofu - I tried it with the ume and it's so flavorful!! I wouldn't have known or thought of that, Thank You.

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