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Firstly, thank you Maki for a wonderful blog, it has been my encyclopedia of Japanese food and culture for the past year since moving to Japan!

I saw a Chinese Medicine doctor a few years ago for digestive problems and she recommended that I do not eat frozen foods. She said that my digestion needs "warming foods" (this is not true for everyone) and frozen foods even when thawed/warmed still retain a certain "coldness".

My dilemma is that keeping this in mind, it is virtually impossible to keep a bento stash.

So, my question is, how bad are pre-prepared frozen foods?

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Re: Frozen Food

Eh...I don't get why your chinese medicine doctor would have prohibited frozen foods. You don't eat them frozen, you eat them cooked, so I don't see how it could make you 'cold'. But if she says that and you want to follow that, you could instead rely on vegetables that keep well (e.g. carrots, daikon radish) and dried vegetables like dried mushrooms, dried gourd, dried daikon (kiriboshi daikon) etc. Macrobiotic theory, which goes a lot by the 'warming' and 'cooling' foods, loves dried vegetables. Check out kiriboshi daikon, dried shiitake and more. Also any of the kinpira recipes on this site should work, and they do keep for a least a couple of days in the refrigerator.


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