Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

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I've been seeing that this is a regular in a bento. I also saw that bento no. 64 made a egg tamagoyaki with nori in the middle. Here's my idea... couldn't you use other ingredints like bacon or sliced ham in the middle of the egg tamagoyaki?
If so does anyone have any idea's about more ingredints???

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Re: Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

I just made one the other day with cooked mushrooms in it. Yummy.



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Re: Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

You can mix in anything that is either already cooked, or is cut small or thin enough that it will cook as the egg cooks. So you could add for instance -

- chopped up cooked vegetables - carrots, peppers, zucchini, onion, spinach, etc.
- chopped up cooked meat, hamburger, etc.
- flaked canned tuna or salmon etc.
- cooked bacon bits
- thinly sliced ham
- finely chopped green onion or chives or herbs
- furikake of any kind
- toasted sesame seeds
- tiny semi-dried fish called chirimenjako or a slightly moister kind called shirasuboshi
- whatever else you can imagine


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Re: Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

i have made egg tamagoyaki only two times lol , but i when i try to make them i use egg whites and replace the sugar with splenda ^_^, but for feeling i have only used nori (sea weed ) lol

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Re: Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

I have made this many times. Other ingredients that I have included would be:

- chinese pickled radish, chopped finely
- finely sliced spring onions and fresh chilli (perfect combo)
- cheese slices

My favourite would be the pickled radish if I were to cook the tamagoyaki for myself.. However, my mom's spring onion and fresh chilli tamagoyaki still wins ^^;


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Re: Egg tamagoyaki... ideas???

Thanks for all the good ideas. Trying to figure out new stuff for my family to try out. They are strictly omnivores and hate most veggies but I can sneak a couple in every once in a while. They don't like it they don't get to eat. Lol.

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