Busy mom saying hello

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Hi all.
This is my first post. I'm a mom working two jobs and trying to get away from daddy sending t.v. dinners to the baby sitters. I'm just now getting started. Interested in making some of the cute stuff, but may not go totally japanese since my kids haven't eaten anything Japanese yet unless you count bourbon chicken at the mall food court.

They do like my americanized rendition of stirfry, but much prefer their nuggets. I'm a personal fan of German food having lived there six years and think some of it may render itself to easy bento boxes if prepared in advance.

Looking forward to meeting you all online and getting some ideas. First stop is finding someplace even slightly local to buy some bento accessories for the cute stuff.


Just the new girl around here looking for some lunch ideas.

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Re: Busy mom saying hello

Hi, welcome to the Just Bento community.

What German food were you thinking of putting in bentos? I can't even remember what I ate in Germany (I was only there for a week, a few years back) apart from kaiserschmarrn and Wiener schnitzel with potato salad, which are both heavenly, but Austrian! And not terribly bento friendly anyway except for the potato salad. I'd love to hear your ideas.



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Re: Busy mom saying hello

My kids both adore spaetzle and the noodles would work much cleaner than lo mein I think. The actual German potatoe salad is not mayonaise based and the only kind I will eat lol. Now to figure out how to make mini streudles and I'll be a happy girl with my lunch at least ha! Alot of times I will make a simplified version of chicken marsella (French I know) but instead of pasta or rice serve it with spaetzle. I'm thinking the sauces could go in those little sauce cups.

I don't know. I have ideas to get this family off of mc donalds. This be to thing is part of my schemes.

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