Better Late Than Never

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Hello all,

Just as the Challenge was gearing up, we had to leave town for a family emergency. We've only been back for a couple of days, so today was my first chance to get back into it.

I spent time today getting ready for the work week, making lunch food. Blanched a huge container of baby spinach and formed it into easy to pack balls. Boiled a few eggs. Made spam musubi (half went into the freezer). Also made a container of carrot salad. Dinner leftovers, green salad and frozen veggies make up the rest of menu for the week.

I do try to do some general bento planning, but a lot of it is just grabbing whatever pre-made goodies look good in the morning.

I'm in IT, working in Northern Virginia, USA. Cooking is one of my (many) hobbies, so bentos have helped me expand my recipe collection and try new things.

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Re: Better Late Than Never

Hi, and welcome.

As you say, better late than never. There is at least one other member who is doing the challenge a week or so out of sync, so you're not alone.



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Re: Better Late Than Never


Hope everything is OK and like Browyn said, you're not the only one starting a bit late. Look forward to hearing how it goes. :)

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