Is my bento box microwave-safe?

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I've run through the "What's your box topic" and I don't think this has been mentioned before.

My bento box had just arrived yesterday and I'd like to know if it's microwavable. It's bottom says that it's made of some synthetic plactic (which I don't know how to spell) and is able to withstand temperatures from -20 to 120'C. Would I be able to put it in the microwave (lids removed)? And also, for how many minutes?


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Re: Is my bento box microwave-safe?

Water boils at 100 C (i.e. it doesn't get any hotter or it's steam), so you'd be fine so long as you didn't have any fatty stuff in it. Fat can get quite a lot hotter, so I'd be very careful with fatty food not to heat it for any longer than it takes to get it to eating temperature.



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