700 ml box?

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Hi-- after many, many months of staring at bento sites (especially this one!) and bento stores, I think I'm *finally* going to take the plunge and actually prepare real bentos for lunch, as opposed to sticking a bunch of leftovers in a container.

I know that I can just use the cheap plastic containers that I already have, but I can't help but covet the cute bento boxes. So, let me ask you: can any of you personally recommend an approximately 700 ml container (either one-tier or two-tier), preferably microwavable, that's not too expensive (not more than US $20)? I've seen some in my searches, but I was wondering what you all have, if any.

I should add that it doesn't have to be totally kawaii-- I've been looking at "men's" bento boxes, and they'll do. 700 ml is about the capacity I've calculated that will be satisfying for me for lunch without being excessive.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide!


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Re: 700 ml box?

I don't know about 700 but there are these two items, they also come in Green and Pink. And they have cool acessiories for them.

"Natural Lunch" Two Tier Lunch Box (Beige) = 500ml in total

"Natural Lunch" Oval 2 Tier Lunch Box (Beige) = 500ml in total

"Natural Lunch" Chopsticks, Fork & Spoon Set (Beige)

"Natural Lunch" Drink Bottle (Beige)

And they have a bag for it all. Not that much and looks to be a good set. You can also look on there and find more.
Like this one,

Bitter&Milk 2-Tier Lunch Box Black

Oh and this is my favorite by far, I bought the 17 piece set but this one is just as good.
Japanese Bento lunch box!!*SP Temari Sakura Blue 11set* = 580ml + 480ml only 18.50 plus shipping.

Hope that helps!!!

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Re: 700 ml box?

I've gone through the boxes I have on hand (I have others in storage) and it looks like the standard two-tier types are mostly in the 500 - 600ml range for two sections. And one-tier 'man bento' types tend to be 900ml or bigger. Interesting!

You could use something like this adorabe Miffy set from Bento&Co., which comes in 4 sizes, ranging from 480ml to 100ml, and mix-and-match. (I am eyeing that set myself because it is so....cute!) It would be above your $20 budget though after shipping...

What you could also do is to have a standard bento box, then carry a small 'side box' with extra food in it, or to 'pad' a bigger box with low-calorie vegetables and things.


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Re: 700 ml box?

I <3 Miffy! :)

I may need to look domestically for the time being, as my budget is tight. I like your idea of having a small box in addition to a standard-sized box-- I may end up going that route.

I know my eating habits well enough to know that if I pack too little (500 ml is unfortunately not enough for me for lunch), I will end up searching for unhealthy snacks to stave off hunger pangs; but if I pack too much, I'll eat everything I have and feel sluggish mid-afternoon. So your other alternative, having a larger box and packing it with healthy, low-calorie items may work as well.

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Re: 700 ml box?

this bento is the one I have. I don't know the exact capacity but it's a fairly standard sized bento. It can also take a suprising amount of abuse, although the lid does warp a little after the zillionth time throught the dishwasher. (I don't know if it is suposed to be dishwasherproof, but I put it through on ocassion anyway)

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Re: 700 ml box?


I have a bento for 600ml.

You will find Bentos greater capacity on the following website:

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Re: 700 ml box?

I found one that is 670 mL. If there were cuter ones around that size I would most definitely buy a few, but I guess I just will have to stick to my plain plastic container for now.


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Re: 700 ml box?

I just ordered this one http://www.jbox.com/PRODUCT/BENTO264 which holds a total of 720 and is also available in red. I haven't gotten it in yet, but I liked the price and that it's a full set, with band, chopsticks, and kinchaku. I also ordered a similar box of the same size and style, but with a different design on it, but it seems j-box no longer has it.
The previous boxes I have are the same as Maki's blue dragonfly box, which I bought here http://shop.iloveobento.com/products/blue-urara-bento-box in the blue and red for $5 each. They don't come with anything, not even a band, and hold 580 ml. (same box Alice posted) J-box has a few other boxes around 700 ml, but most are more expensive and only come with a band, if that. But they get new stuff all the time, so I would look around, and Amazon. Shipping on bentos from j-box can be a bit pricey, since they are shipping from Japan, but might be a bit less to France. I'm in the middle of the US, so it's a good bit farther.


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