The forum is now semi-live!

After many long late night hours of hacking away, the brand new forum is now up and running! It may be a bit wonky in places, and is quite minimalist, but should be functional. For the Bento Challenge, start here. Take a look around the rest of the place too. As I said before, you will need to log on and register to post to the forum. Suggestions for additional sections or improvements etc. are welcome! (Anything but “You should have used (some other forum software)”. I’ll slap anyone who says that since I spent literally weeks agonizing over it before going the way I did, which I may talk about some other time in a more geek-oriented setting.)

Now to get some sleep finally…

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Re: The forum is now semi-live!

Maki --

The link to the forum doesn't seem to work. Sorry to be the bearer of frustrating news!

Re: The forum is now semi-live!

i seems to be getting a 404 page after clicking on the forum link

Re: The forum is now semi-live!

argh, I thought I corrected it before I fell asleep but I guess I didn't..ah, correct it enough. :o It's now corrected for real. Sorry about that!

Re: The forum is now semi-live!

Are you aware that you and Biggie from Lunch in a Box have launched a forum at the same time? Maybe it would be a good idea for you guys to fuseā€¦

Re: The forum is now semi-live!

I had no idea that Lunch in a Box was opening a forum also, until Biggie tweeted about it yesterday (I've been working on and talking about the forum for some weeks here since I got the idea for the Bento challenge). But maybe it's just a matter of great minds think alike :) I think the focus of Lunch in a Box is a bit different from Just Bento, and vice versa, so there's room for communities on both!

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