Bonus Bento Item of the Week: Onigiri bento towel set


While I was browsing around looking at the furoshiki featured in the previous post, I came upon this adorable gift set. It’s not quite edible, but who cares? I would love to get a little present like this any time.

It’s a towel and soap set. The onigiri or omusubi and the yellow thing (which could be tamagoyaki or inarizushi) are hand towels, and the egg is a soap. There’s no description of the cherry tomato, so I’m assuming that’s just plastic. It’s packed in a wood and bamboo bento box, which may not be practical for use as an actual bento box since it has no lid, but would be a nice for holding pens or something. The problem though is that I couldn’t bear to actually use the towels…I’d want to keep them in pristine condition just like they are. Bento-themed bathroom accessories? Why not?

There are two more similar sets, equally cute.

  • Price: 1050 yen (plus 300 yen shipping in Japan. They don’t ship overseas…rats!)
  • Link

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The box looks like a sushi mat to me!

I wonder if that’s what it is, held in place by the wood slats and the strings. That would make it useful, anyway…

That looks like something fun to duplicate, you know for those kind of special hostess gifts. It’s a nifty idea, isn’t it? A whole new level of cute. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Oh my gosh that is so cute!

Oh my gosh that is so cute! ^^ I squealed with delight when I saw it x) No shipping overseas? Darn! That’s what happened with a gas yakitori ‘grill’ I wanted to get too =(


Hajimemashite, Djuli desu douzou yoroshiku onegaishimasu. Iro iro oshiete kudasai ne……tokoro de oishi chikin to ka beef teriyaki no tsukuri kata o oshiete kuremasen ka….Omachishimasu… thank u so much. I ’ ll write again later…..Oyasuminasai

Re: Bonus Bento Item of the Week: Onigiri bento towel set


I'm interested in this set and others like it, doyou know where elese they sell them? I'm interested in purchsing them for my business. The link you gave is in Japanese and I can't translate from google, so I couldn't make anything out...:) I only speak English - sorry. Below is another link, showing similar products, but I can't seem to get in contact with them. I called and the receptionist doesn't speak English and my emails don't seem to be getting returned. Any help advice you can give is appreciated.


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