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Today's bento contains leftovers from last night's dinner; I made Maki's recipe for curried kidney beans and vegetables, adding a sweet potato that was in danger of shriveling up if I didn't use it. I also threw in extra garlic and cayenne at my husband's request, as he is fighting off a cold and it is said that garlic and spice is good for that sort of ailment. Plus, we just love things extra hot and spicy, so it was quite delicious! continue reading...

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Week 3 begins...

How fitting that the focus for week 3 of the Bento Challenge, saving money, should coincide with the realization that I hardly had any money left to feed myself and my husband for the rest of the week. So, I sat down with the weekly meal planner, determined to stretch my dollars by using as many on-hand items as possible, planning for leftovers, and repurposing bits of food that I might normally let go to waste (I'm looking at you, broccoli stalks...formerly destined for the trash, now on deck for kinpira! continue reading...

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Goals for the third week

And here my goals for the next week. Oh my..... I think now it will be easier to see if I make up to them continue reading...

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Week 2 Wrapup Report

Previously, on Tracking Eleven Clovers’ Challenge Progress… (need to think of a better name <_<)

“My goals for Week 2:
1. mise en place, reducing bento making time to 20min (I don't even cook much! Why is it taking me so long??)
2. reduce carb content and try to squish in more nutritious veggies
3. exercise! Booo
4. keep track of calories, maybe by means of a food diary?

Hmm sounds a wee bit ambitious to me. Well, we'll see how badly I fail by the end of the week ;)”

How did I do? continue reading...

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New Blog, New Year, wheeee!

Yay, I has a spiffy new blog now :D Big thanks to Maki! Wooot celebration! continue reading...

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Report of week two

My report on the second week of the bentochallenge. continue reading...

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I've got a blog


Here it is, my one blog on just bento!
Soon here will be my report on week 2!