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Still sick

I woke up early today to prepare the bentos but I found out not only that I was still sick... but that most of the veggies I had in the fridge got spoiled! continue reading...

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I'm sick since last friday. So no bentos. Awww... >_<
at least I'm staying home instead of going to work!

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#12 - 20090311

This is today's bento.
I'm happy because I finally managed to put 5 different colors in the bento! continue reading...

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#11 - 20090310

...And this is today's bento.
I'm so happy I managed to prepare more than 10 bentos! :D I find this challenging and also very funny and creative :) Apart from the money-saving issue ;) continue reading...

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#10 - 20090309

This was yesterday's bento!
I forgot to upload the pic so I had to wait until today! :)
I wanted to try omuraisu... continue reading...

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No bento today!
My husband forgot them at home... and with the lids open cuz I leave them open so they cool down (i leave the house earlier than he does). So the rice was completely spoiled... We had to have lunch in a restaurant which wasn't bad but... awww :_(

He feels terribly bad for it. Poor thing! <3

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#9 - 20090304

This is today's bento
had to cook everything this morning but it took me only 20 minutes!! :D continue reading...

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#8 - 20090303

This is today's food. I had to fry the rice and add it some curry powder as it came out a little dry, I don't know why cuz I cooked the same as always and froze it with Maki's tip. continue reading...