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bento-break D:

The reason why I have no been updating is because I've lost my bento box and my bentos don't look pretty anymore >< In addition, my bentos are just simple, cook-and-dump lunches. Nothing special or pretty..
I have ordered a new set from JList.com and it should arrive next week.. together with other bento accessories!

I shall be back to posting pictures this weekend, when I embark on Japanese seaweed salad project (recipe suggestion thanks goes to Maki-san, on the forums).

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Why I bento: bento = love

"I started a bento box because well, it makes me feel happy inside. :3 It helps me wake up early to pack my lunch, use food and left-overs in the kitchen that usually get wasted. It also helps me stop buying "out on a whim" desserts and food at restaurants and cafes (which are pricey!). Also, and most of all, recently, it's started to be a cute project with my boyfriend and I. We both used to pursue culinary arts and have a certain love for cooking. Seeing all the yummy food I'm making makes him interact with this new hobby. Hehe, and when we get older, he'll know that I'll pack him a good lunch for work.

So, I guess this bento boxing idea helps my soul and heart more than anything else. :] bento = love." continue reading...

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The beginning of the bento

It's kinda funny that I'm starting my blog on a day that I didn't make a bento. Dx I actually had today planned on making steamed pork buns with a semi-thai pork filling, and I'm glad I did! It was so yummy! continue reading...

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It's been a long time!

So... Now that I gor used to the routine of waking up early and prepare both my husband's and my bento, my bosses sent me outside town to work. continue reading...

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Bento 2

Well, this is my bento for today! It's another sandwich one, only this time it has cheddar instead of Colby Jack. I managed to get the entire sandwich in it this time, don't know what was wrong with last time's. It looks tasty to me. :P

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Hi everybody!

Hi! Yay I have a new blog! I didn't make a bento today because I wasn't feeling very well. :( Instead, I finished the little piece of sandwich leftover from yesterday and had a chicken ramen instant cup noodle. Still good, but not as fun. Now, Passover should be interesting if I keep this up. Not, allowed to have bread, rice, beans, etc. I'll have to use special Kosher for Passover food. This will probably start with my lunches on April 9th until April 17th. That should be fun to see though, if I take pictures. continue reading...

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Left-overs bento!

Friday's bento
My friends were amazed at how pretty my lunch look compared to theirs. Taste-wise is pretty good.. though my miso-tamago ended up a little too salty. They're yumm on rice! I plan to make more later..

Saturday's bento. Had group meeting and some leftovers.. continue reading...

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1st post!

Thank you, Maki-san for setting up my blog!! I'm so happy to find out when I woke up about an hour ago!

I now have somewhere to blog my food adventures with. I first thought of using LJ, which was created about year ago and is still left empty; or maybe blogspot.. I've always wanted to have a blog for my design portfolio and random thoughts, so it won't be nice to see posts about what I bento there ^^;

Just for a start, I bento to healthily lose the >10kg I've gained from stress a year ago and the extra kilos I put on during puberty. continue reading...