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Bento Basics

One week until I return to school as a teacher. Today I recieved my blog assignment and I feel so highly technical. I just finished working on our school website and now my own bento blog spot. Thanks Maki! continue reading...

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Can't wait! :D

Well, I placed my orders in a few days ago.
I can't wait till they get here! :D

Some of the supplies like the molds, pics, etc will get here first. Along with a second bento.
I'm so exited! :D lol

Ok, so here's what I've ordered....
http://bentocrazy.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=2367259 ...so cute! continue reading...

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I haven't been bento-ing for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long thanks to lack of time management and assignments. As a result, I just eat whatever that comes across me and pile the weights back on :(

So from tomorrow, I shall use bento-ing again to get myself back on track and take photos of what I eat ^^

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What to do with Tofu?

During Maki's Veggie month, I dedicated three out of the seven days of the week to just eat vegetables and fruits. So, it was kinda like being a vegetarian for half the week. Even though, I was thrilled about the month's theme, this was even more exciting! It was a out-of-whim call to do, but in the end it paid off.

After twenty-nine days of this half vegetarian/ half omnivore, I decided to go 100% vegetarian. Risky.. yes... but this site has enough yummies to satisfy me. :]

So! Onto the reason of the blog: since I went vegetarian, I bought a block of firm tofu.... continue reading...

grey eats. grey muses. 02.

03 _ grey hearts canned smoked oysters.

grey eats. grey muses. 01

01 _ bonito flakes do n o t go with japanese curry.

02 _ grey likes strawberry jam more than raspberry jam. grey also like lemon butter over raspberry jam.

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start of veggie bentos

So, it's May now and thanks to Maki's new bento challenge, I've been researching on a few vegetarian dishes and ideas. Of course, salads are the most obvious veggie dish, so I made a nice pasta salad. It's really easy, and perfect for my future obentos this week:

I call it my greek pasta salad. It consists of pasta ( i choose multicolor spirals just for decoration), green onion, carrots, and a greek dressing. Literally! It's a great bento filer and has two veggies and a helping of carbs. continue reading...

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Princess Bento Box & Tamagoyaki

The other day, I went on a search for a bento box at a large mall in Southern California. I knew that they had a few Asian stores and gift shops (mostly anime) so I had an intention of purchasing a bento-like box at one of the shops.
Sadly, I found nothing. >.< And the worst part is that the sales associates were no help. I told this one woman I was looking for a lunch box, and she pointed to some purses. -_-;;

Either way, the mall is the mall; so I went around window shopping. As a cute fan, I went to the Disney store and saw lots and lots of baby bentos! continue reading...