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My Goodness, so much new stuff!

So things are suddenly rather strange for me. But let’s start with something nice. I was out at a BODIES exhibition yesterday, and in between queuing and touching hearts I bought myself some silicon muffin cups! Yay! ^_^ I was actually trying to buy a muffin tin, but they were too big to fit in my oven, so I bought the muffin cups instead, then I got home and remembered ‘Hey! Bento accessory!’ Anyway, they fit very nicely into my box, but they’re not very sunny – grey seems to be the only colour of silicon around here. And blue, but only oven mitts come in blue. continue reading...

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Goo Balls for Moonshae, a.k.a. Banh Troi

A while back I was browsing through the photos on the Just Bento Pool on flickr and came across one of moonshae’s bentos with an icky goo ball filled with ground black sesame seed. Or something of the sort. Anyway, I did promise I would make some nice sugar-filled ones once my exams were over, so here they are!

Haha, ok these aren’t cooked yet. continue reading...

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End of Exam Week, Week 5 and The Challenge

I think the sniff speaks for everyone’s feelings on here. So here goes, the final official challenge post. continue reading...

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Exam Week Day 1: %#$&! and Epistaxis

So I bloody well failed. continue reading...

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Stuck between Panic and Procrastination: Week 4 Wrap-up

Why am I here? I should be disconnecting myself from the internet and being a good girl and reading up on Lenin and orbital hybridisation and proving trigonometric identities. But alas, I am the Lazy Bum Queen, and so I am sitting here procrastinating. I swear, I’ll just post this wrap-up and I’ll go study. Dead honest. continue reading...

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Eating out and pancake time!

No matter how much I hate dinner parties, I couldn’t say no to this one…
Photobucket continue reading...

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Week 3 Report! Excuses excuses...

Previously, on Eleven Clovers vs Bento Challenge (still need to work on the title):

"For this week:
-Keep up the pace of last week, 4-5 bentos.
-Consistently keep bento preparation time short
-Exercise of course. It's also getting warmer now, so I might get some walking in.
-Use previous week's calorie counts as a sort of guideline to keep bentos under 500cal (Mondays and Wednesday excluded, because I know I need extra food when I stay behind for rehearsals).
-Resist the temptation to snack on toasties! They're not even that good >.<"

And now, the results will be made public for the first time... continue reading...

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Week 2 Wrapup Report

Previously, on Tracking Eleven Clovers’ Challenge Progress… (need to think of a better name <_<)

“My goals for Week 2:
1. mise en place, reducing bento making time to 20min (I don't even cook much! Why is it taking me so long??)
2. reduce carb content and try to squish in more nutritious veggies
3. exercise! Booo
4. keep track of calories, maybe by means of a food diary?

Hmm sounds a wee bit ambitious to me. Well, we'll see how badly I fail by the end of the week ;)”

How did I do? continue reading...