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Can't wait! :D

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Posted on Adriana's blog :: Tue, 2009-08-04 13:45

Well, I placed my orders in a few days ago.
I can't wait till they get here! :D

Some of the supplies like the molds, pics, etc will get here first. Along with a second bento.
I'm so exited! :D lol

Ok, so here's what I've ordered....
http://bentocrazy.ecrater.com/product.php?pid=2367259 ...so cute! :D I'm not really a fan, but I just couldn't resist.

I'm so pumped, WOW! lol

I've been hunting around for cool, new, easy recipes to put in my bentos.
I've found a few so far, but sill looking for more.

I basically fell in love with bentos the day I started watching an animated series called "Sailor Moon". (Turns out it's more popular then I imagined :S -I recently met a BUNCH load of people that like that show too)
I LOVED it when the characters ate their cool little lunches. It always fascinated me and encouraged me.

It wasn't till a month or so ago, that I found out what they were called, and how I could get them.
I'm so happy I did. I'm looking forward to creating all my cool bento lunches.

A big thank you to Maki for giving us the LOVELY blogs attached to our accounts :D

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