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start of veggie bentos

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Posted on Miss_Artemis's blog :: Sun, 2009-05-03 23:08

So, it's May now and thanks to Maki's new bento challenge, I've been researching on a few vegetarian dishes and ideas. Of course, salads are the most obvious veggie dish, so I made a nice pasta salad. It's really easy, and perfect for my future obentos this week:

I call it my greek pasta salad. It consists of pasta ( i choose multicolor spirals just for decoration), green onion, carrots, and a greek dressing. Literally! It's a great bento filler and has two veggies and a helping of carbs. There really isn't a recipe, since all I did was boil the pasta, add the vegetables (after I sliced/chopped/peeled them, however, I did not cook them because I wanted the vitamins you can only get with eating them raw), then add the dressing liberally over everything, then chilled for 1+ hours.

pasta yum!

I don't know if there are any vegetables native to Greece or other ingredients to use. Maybe some nice feta cheese to put on top? :] Who knows. I'll definitely post up another blog afterward if I make it again.

Then, speaking of veggie dishes, I made my first today! A nice array of les fruits et legumes.


It's a bigger picture because I wanted to show the detail. It's a cup of dried canberries and fresh bluberries; strawberry, kiwi and carrot in the pink cup; and carrot sticks and sliced cucumbers. ^__^ I'm so excited to eat this in a few hours.

So, huzzah to yummy vegetarianism! lol Next time, I won't prepare such a raw lunch. Sometimes, entirely raw foods are rough on your stomach. lol

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