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Princess Bento Box & Tamagoyaki

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Posted on Miss_Artemis's blog :: Fri, 2009-04-24 23:33

The other day, I went on a search for a bento box at a large mall in Southern California. I knew that they had a few Asian stores and gift shops (mostly anime) so I had an intention of purchasing a bento-like box at one of the shops.
Sadly, I found nothing. >.< And the worst part is that the sales associates were no help. I told this one woman I was looking for a lunch box, and she pointed to some purses. -_-;;

Either way, the mall is the mall; so I went around window shopping. As a cute fan, I went to the Disney store and saw lots and lots of baby bentos! Little boxes with the Disney princess, Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, ect. I was so excited. I asked the cashier what was inside the box (it was sealed and I wasn't allowed to open it just yet), and told me it had dividers that were removable. I was sold. So, now a have a cute Princess bento.


I used it yesterday for a just veggie snack. The removable dividers are really nice though because you can use them as little cups. :] So, if some of my silicon muffin cups are dirty, I can use these. ^___^


Since my little princess bento is so tiny, I went and used regular tupperware for my actually lunch. With a little nice suggestion from a fellow bento-er, I tried the recipe "tamagoyaki" or the japanese omelette I think. Oh man, it was so good! lol And it was super easy and tiny to fit into a bento. Mine came out a lot smaller, but it was ok. The nice thing too was that my boyfriend made the first tamagoyaki.


Here was the lunch. The egg wasn't as "layering" as I suppose it should be but it had the nice effect. And I got nice comments from my co-workers.

I'm going to be trying some new recipes and maybe make up some as I go along. Well, that's all for this blog for now. ^_^

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