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Posted on shadow22cat's blog :: Tue, 2009-04-07 00:20

Hi! Yay I have a new blog! I didn't make a bento today because I wasn't feeling very well. :( Instead, I finished the little piece of sandwich leftover from yesterday and had a chicken ramen instant cup noodle. Still good, but not as fun. Now, Passover should be interesting if I keep this up. Not, allowed to have bread, rice, beans, etc. I'll have to use special Kosher for Passover food. This will probably start with my lunches on April 9th until April 17th. That should be fun to see though, if I take pictures.

This what I made yesterday:
Sandwich Bento
-Whole wheat bread
-Sliced Cajun Turkey Breast
-Colby Jack cheese
-a mix of horseradish and mayo (awesome combo! Gives it a zip.)

-mixed greens (Lettuce, spinach, etc.)
-a little honey mustard vinaigrette

-apple chunks

I cut the sandwich lengthwise, and filled my tupperware bento halfway with it. Top quarter of what was left was the salad. Bottom quarter was the apples. I separated them with lettuce. It was pretty tasty.

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