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Bento 2

Well, this is my bento for today! It's another sandwich one, only this time it has cheddar instead of Colby Jack. I managed to get the entire sandwich in it this time, don't know what was wrong with last time's. It looks tasty to me. :P

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Hi everybody!

Hi! Yay I have a new blog! I didn't make a bento today because I wasn't feeling very well. :( Instead, I finished the little piece of sandwich leftover from yesterday and had a chicken ramen instant cup noodle. Still good, but not as fun. Now, Passover should be interesting if I keep this up. Not, allowed to have bread, rice, beans, etc. I'll have to use special Kosher for Passover food. This will probably start with my lunches on April 9th until April 17th. That should be fun to see though, if I take pictures. continue reading...