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I haven't been bento-ing for soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long thanks to lack of time management and assignments. As a result, I just eat whatever that comes across me and pile the weights back on :(

So from tomorrow, I shall use bento-ing again to get myself back on track and take photos of what I eat ^^

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bento-break D:

The reason why I have no been updating is because I've lost my bento box and my bentos don't look pretty anymore >< In addition, my bentos are just simple, cook-and-dump lunches. Nothing special or pretty..
I have ordered a new set from JList.com and it should arrive next week.. together with other bento accessories!

I shall be back to posting pictures this weekend, when I embark on Japanese seaweed salad project (recipe suggestion thanks goes to Maki-san, on the forums).

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Left-overs bento!

Friday's bento
My friends were amazed at how pretty my lunch look compared to theirs. Taste-wise is pretty good.. though my miso-tamago ended up a little too salty. They're yumm on rice! I plan to make more later..

Saturday's bento. Had group meeting and some leftovers.. continue reading...

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1st post!

Thank you, Maki-san for setting up my blog!! I'm so happy to find out when I woke up about an hour ago!

I now have somewhere to blog my food adventures with. I first thought of using LJ, which was created about year ago and is still left empty; or maybe blogspot.. I've always wanted to have a blog for my design portfolio and random thoughts, so it won't be nice to see posts about what I bento there ^^;

Just for a start, I bento to healthily lose the >10kg I've gained from stress a year ago and the extra kilos I put on during puberty. continue reading...