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#17 - 20090929

Tomorrow's bento: continue reading...

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#16 - 20090928

This is today's bento. No big deal. continue reading...

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last week bentos

Last week i planned bentos for 4 days but my job became all crazy so i only could prepare bentos for 2 days. Also, I couldn't prepare them as I planned because I had no time so I decided not to plan my bentos anymore. Now I have some veggies and some food I can be prepairing on the go during the week. Also, my hub can help me a little bit :D continue reading...

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Only 2 bentos this week. My DAMN job rides back T_T
I'll post them tomorrow.

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Next week planning

I went shoping yesterday and today my mother gave me some food.... continue reading...

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#13 - 20090917

So, back to bentos! I've been looking for some "adult" bento boxes and found this one. It's plain plastic but I think it's good enough for salads :D continue reading...

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Back to bento on thursday

Going back to bento on thursday.
I'm starting working both on mornings and afternoons again, so the only good thing of this is that I'll be able to prepare my bentos again.
So I'm having chickpea salad and some chicken. And maybe roast zuccini. Yay! :D

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Back to bento soon!

I'll probably be able to make my bentos again! :D
So yay! Coming soon! :D