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It's been a long time!

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Posted on Jiza's blog :: Tue, 2009-04-14 12:27

So... Now that I gor used to the routine of waking up early and prepare both my husband's and my bento, my bosses sent me outside town to work.
I've been working in a industrial zone in the southern part of Madrid.
It was a crap, there were only 2 restaurants, one was good and the other... well the other was probably the worst place I've ever eaten in my whole life.

So I've been there for 2 weeks and couldn't prepare a single bento, not because I couldn't (I probably could have) but because my boss didn't want me to stay at the office having lunch while they spent an hour and a half in the restaurant.

But that project finally ended, so I thought I could stay at my office and have bentos for lunch... but NO! They decided to send me to another industrial zone in the northern part of Madrid for 2 months. So probably there will be no more bentos in a while. Besides, my husband starts working only in the mornings now so he'll prepare his own food at home.

Anyway when I come back to my office I'll keep prepairing my bentos. Or at least trying :)

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