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Friday 23rd July

Rice topped with Ja Jiang sauce seasoned vegetarian mince and vegetables - with yet more kimchi.
My husband's donburi style bento. continue reading...

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Thursday 22nd July

Quinoa and chopped salad with a lime-chili-fish sauce dressing and a luxurious summer pudding. continue reading...

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Wednesday 21st July

Using up the leftover vegetables
Stir fried rice with vegetables, tuna and douban jiang along with marinaded cucumber, cabbage and kimchi continue reading...

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Tuesday 20th July

Monday's Bento Redux for 5 - The return of the fritatta and - is it possible to get sick of kimchi? continue reading...

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Monday 19th July

Rushed Monday morning bento with Sunday picnic leftovers
rice cooker frittata - instant cucumber pickles - tuna ginger soboro - packet kimchi continue reading...

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Packing It In - Chronicling a new era of hurried bentos

Documenting a succession of hurried, hastily put together economic bento by a nursing mother reluctantly back in a full time job. continue reading...

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Back! And this time I mean it!

My hubby has been unemployed since december and he's back to work next monday. He'll be working as a lawyer for a chinese company in Madrid which means lots of work, and this is good. He seems very excited yet a little scared of the whole thing :D continue reading...

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Back again!

I've been told that on Jan 25th I'll start a new project. The client's office is near my actual office (and my artschool, yay!) as well as from my house, but... public transport from client's is not that good, so I won't be able to go home for lunch, which is a pity cuz it's 10 minutes on bus... but 20 on foot. Definetely no time. continue reading...