Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

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My Challenge Week 3 in a nutshell: Did pretty well, but exercise remains an issue. Spring couldn't come fast enough for me!

This week, I focused on trying to make budget bentos by making all of my bentos vegan or vegetarian. 4 out of the 5 bentos were indeed vegan. As a rough estimate, none of them cost more than 2 CHF (about US $2) per bento, despite the fact that I used a premiums brown rice, and expensive-for-me Japanese ingredients like natto and kouya dofu (free-dried tofu). The exception was Friday's 'bento' (more like an extended snack ^_^), which was not vegan.

Monday's bento, which is described in detail as Bento no. 59:

Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 1

Tuesday's bento, also described in detail as Bento no. 60:

Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 2

Wednesday's bento. Brown rice and gomashio go so well together! I'm still working out a few kinks with the 'mochi kouya dofu' recipe, but will post it soon. (I took the idea from the Mochi Chicken recipe posted by SojoMojo in the forum, and adapted it.)

Bento Challenge Week 3 Day 3

Thursday's bento also has an item made with kouya dofu (mixed with regular tofu). I'll post this recipe shortly too.

Bento challenge Week 3 Day 4

Friday's 'bento' - well, what happened is that I got a sudden Urge To Bake Now around midnight, and made this savory cake. For lunch I just cut myself a piece, then another piece, etc... I ate about 4 pieces, which is 400 calories right there. It was so good, and very filling too. Because this has cheese and other not-cheap ingredients in it like pesto and sundried tomatoes, I think my lunch cost was around 3 CHF (around $3 US). Still a lot better than a storebought sandwich!

Vegetarian Cake Provençal

I am still having trouble exercising regularly. This week I only attempted it twice! I just do not seem to be taking well to indoor exercise...or it could be that I'm just bored with the WiiFit. (But I can't do any exercise DVDs at the moment since I've packed them away already, ready for the move!) I really can't wait for warmer weather when I can plug my iPod earphones into my ears and go for a nice long walk. On the other hand, packing for the Big Move may be giving me some exercise of the weight-lifting kind.

Still, I lost another 1/2 kilo / 1 lb or so. Overall I think it was a successful week.

How was your week? Come and share with other Challengers in the forum!

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Re: Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

I really enjoy reading your weekly Challenge reports -- it's helpful to see a whole week of bentos, grouped together.

Burning question, though: where did you get the bento box used this week on Wednesday, the long (relatively) thin one? I've been keeping my eyes open for one like that, since I think it will be easier to fit into my book bag than the rectangular tupperware and oval bento box I currently have.


Re: Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

It's a Hakoya box, and my mother sent it to me from Japan. But you may be able to find it on eBay or J-List.

Re: Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

I don't like the trainers on the Wiifit - they're so dorky. The only way I get my exercise in is to do it first thing and get it out of the way before the rest of my day begins. Then I don't have to worry about again. I set my running clothes out the night before - mental preparation - and before I do anything when I wake up, I get dressed to jog. If I did everything else first, by the time workout time came around I'll have talked myself out of it.

Now if I could only resist the temptations in the fridge...

And hey, a pound down is a pound down and it's all going in the right direction.

Re: Bento Challenge Week 3: My Report

I recommend to help with your fitness needs. They have videos online, so you dont need to unpack your DVD stash. Best of luck.

Tell them Pirateking sent you ;)

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